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Flavour Menu

Choose from the Signature or Luxury flavour menus below for your special occasion.

Most flavours have the option to be wedding, occasion or cupcake orders. Please check first that your chosen flavour is available for your order.

Prices may vary depending on the flavour

ALLERGENS: All my bakes are made in a kitchen that handles gluten, eggs, dairy and nuts. Please let me know of any allergies or intolerances when placing your order.

Signature Flavours

Vanilla & Raspberry

Light vanilla sponge, filled with raspberry jam and smooth vanilla buttercream with the option of adding fresh raspberries for decoration.


Light, zesty lemon sponge, filled with lemon curd and a smooth lemon buttercream. Option to decorate with homemade meringue kisses.

Rich Chocolate

A chocolatey, fudgey sponge with chocolate buttercream. Option to add your favourite chocolates or a silky chocolate ganache drip (ganache option available for celebration cakes only)

Chocolate Orange

Rich chocolate sponge with zesty chocolate orange buttercream, with the option to decorate with chocolate orange ganache drip and Terry's chocolate orange segments


Rich chocolate sponge with smooth Nutella buttercream, topped with your choice of hazelnut treats and with the option to add a Nutella drip to celebration cakes.

Salted Caramel

Salted caramel sponge, filled with caramel sauce, covered in a salted caramel buttercream and decorated with your choice of caramel treat.

Cookies & Cream

Light vanilla flavoured sponge mixed with finely crushed Oreos, filled with crushed oreo buttercream. Option to add chocolate ganache drip and oreo decoration.

Lotus Biscoff

Caramel sponge filled with a Biscoff cream and covered in Biscoff buttercream. Decorated with Lotus Biscoff biscuits with the option to add Biscoff drip.

Raspberry, Rose & White Chocolate

Light rose flavoured sponge, filled with raspberry jam and rose water buttercream and decorated with squares of white chocolate. Option to add white chocolate drip for celebration cakes.

Vanilla, Raspberry & Elderflower

Light vanilla bean sponge, filled with raspberry jam and elderflower buttercream. Garnished with fresh raspberries.


Light coffee flavoured sponge, covered in a coffee infused buttercream, with the option to add a chocolate ganache drip and chocolate coated roasted coffee beans.

Red Velvet

A mild cocoa and sweet vanilla, buttery red crumb, decorated with a sweet vanilla buttercream. 

Luxury Flavours

Not available for cupcakes. Please check whether these flavours are available with your chosen design. These flavours will involve an additional charge.

Black Forest

Layers of rich chocolate cake, with black cherry pie filling, covered in a vanilla bean buttercream with the option to decorate with cherries and dark belgian chocolate.

Carrot & Orange

A moist, spiced carrot cake covered in a zesty orange buttercream with the option to add toasted walnuts

Pistachio, Rose & Raspberry

Buttery pistachio sponge, filled with raspberry jam and rose water buttercream. Option to garnish with chopped pistachios and rose petals.

Lemon, Lavender & Blueberry

Zesty lemon sponge, filled with a blueberry conserve and light lavender buttercream. Garnished with fresh blueberries.

Spiced Banana, Pineapple and Pecan

Famously known as the 'Hummingbird' cake, this is made with crushed banana, pineapple and pecans in a spiced sponge, covered in a smooth vanilla bean buttercream. Option to decorate with finely chopped pecans.

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